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  1. rurikbird
    Created by rurikbird
    Nov 16, 2018 at 06:47
    No thread on this? LFC's future captain scores his first senior goal for England. Should've had a couple of assists too.

  2. jason
    Created by jason
    Nov 16, 2018 at 03:14
    Can you stop a bot or ufo following you . I have pm'd two admin,  with no reply.
  3. JurgenKlopp
    Created by JurgenKlopp
    Nov 15, 2018 at 20:02
  4. jason
    Created by jason
    Nov 14, 2018 at 01:00
    Sustanna Dammage mew ceo   Scuppermore 5mil Payoff.  2x his cellary..
  5. Barba Roja
    Created by Barba Roja
    Nov 13, 2018 at 23:09
    I'm not talking about porn or sick shit like '3 maniacs and a hammer' (happily I've never seen that!) So I'm talking about when you wake up and munch down with a nice bowl of porridge or a bacon sarnie and strong cup of Yorkshire brew and surf the world wide web. What do you check out? I always go to the BBC website - Check the gossip page. Aint it cool news is good(ish) for movie news. SCM's obvs. I like NewsNow Liverpool as well. I'll probably check my fantasy football team. Sometimes I hit FB but only because I love JJ and his daft jokes. Twitter is ace for following father woland. I'll...
  6. bluebell
    Created by bluebell
    Nov 13, 2018 at 10:46
    if rumoured rules come in to force.

    08:52, 13 Nov 2018

    Liverpool have a whole host of overseas stars
    The FA are planning to overhaul some of their rules on foreign players in the Premier League as Brexit looms over Great Britain. The top clubs in the league such as Manchester City,...