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Dodgy Builders

Discussion in 'General Chat Forum' started by 6TimesaRed, Jul 10, 2019.

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  1. 6TimesaRed

    6TimesaRed Not a Bot.... Administrator

    Sep 16, 2006
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    Right Behind You!!!
    I had a new block drive laid recently, Tarmac and two patios.. With new gates and a fence..

    We did some research, granted probably not enough, spoke to a couple of customers of this company and then decided to go ahead with the work..

    OMG..  what a nightmare..

    Turns out they where Gypsies.. the work was good to a point but the quality of finishing and customer care, led a lot to be desired..

    They left shit on my drive, after 2 weeks still failed to be collected... Despite assurances it would..

    Excuses on top of excuses, left me no choice but to leave a bad review on trust a trader.. I am now being inundated with phone calls from the geezer and his 'family run' business..

    Turns out his business addresses he works under are false.  Just businesses parks he uses as his address .

    Brief history including convos I had with the trader..

    'I spent 9 1/2 K... I had enough.  My patience finally broke... The piss bottle recycle bin incident I let go by the by.. I initially talked my wife out of telling you to leave.. because I actually saw the funny side of it.. but thats me..  (They then proceeded to use the back of my shed for toilet purposes takes the piss even further.. literally!!!)

    But those trustatrader comments are from both myself and my wife.   Your last words I will personally collect the stuff on your drive Monday evening.

    Yes I understand your situation and I maintain that stance, but it's common courtesy to call your customers and not keep them waiting regardless..  especially after they leave you a message on the night you assured me it would be collected..  well I feel a git for saying this.. I do, because of your situation..  it felt like one excuse on top of many others..

    (Just to add his daughter has been ill in hospital rushed in over the weekend for an emergency op - allegedly, mr excuse man full of them all the time..  I did say to him family comes first though... )

    Stuff left on my drive... A duvet cover... Boots... broken wheelbarrow, rubbish, a couple of crates.  some water board road guard blockers (why the hell was that on my drive in the first place!!!...) resin and paint..

    The gates replaced by the gate man (third party company) on Saturday, identified the ground hole for the ground lock was not put in the right place, when tarmac was laid.  (Tarmac I add was bumpy in areas and I had to put drive seal down over the top out of my own money to tidy it up so it looked indeed new and tidy)

    This unfortunately forced the gates forward out of alignment at the bottom which caused them to warp together with collection of the bad weather and under the pressure they were when they where locked.. a new hole slightly further back was created and now aligned properly with the new replacement gates..

    The very back patio I had to finish off.. and all seemed rushed.. My wife said kids did it!!!!.... they used the slate I bought for else where in the garden..  which baffled me a little.. I had to take it all out.. and finish it off as initially discussed..

    Then the render at the front of the house again I paid an extra 200 quid for.. I had to redo where painting on wet render fucked it up..

    Mortar your eldest son did with the finishing led a lot to be desired and had to be redone in areas where it crumbled literally after few days of it being applied.. Maybe if he applied himself more rather than spending all the time in his van on the phone, leaving his younger brothers to do his work his quality of work would have been far better..

    Then your boys later in the week arrived to collect stuff, yay I thought.. but only took a milk urn and a few other things and left everything else much to wife's dismay..

    Add to that I've not had the spade taken returned!!!  it is now Wednesday I have had no contact about the shit that was on my drive.. would you be pissed.. yes you would!!!... I'm the most down to earth bloke you could meet, it takes a lot to upset me, do anything for anyone, give anyone a chance...  so I've now taken it back to outside your alleged business address.

    I cannot knock the drive work however.. The quality is great yes we are really happy.. with it..  it the customer care and finishing you have fell flat on here.. sorry..'
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
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