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Player of the Season 2017/8

Discussion in 'The Football Forum' started by Morse, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Morse

    Morse Very Active Honorary Member

    Nov 24, 2006
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    Leeds but from Wales originally.
    Hello everyone.

    Most will know me. I am a visitor to quite a few LFC sites and have been the custodian of the Player of the Season game for over 13 years now. The game has spanned many different sites in its time; currently the voters come from YNWA, Est1892, 6CM, Scouser Tommy, TLW, and IrishKop. I am hoping that adding voters from other sites will give a more accurate picture of our feelings as Liverpool supporters.

    I hope that you will all play a part in this 14th year to enable us to get a picture of our players' performances and to crown a worthy winner come May 2018.

    Previous winners:

    2005 Jamie Carragher
    2006 Steven Gerrard
    2007 Dirk Kuyt
    2008 Javier Mascherano
    2009 Xabi Alonso
    2010 Javier Mascherano
    2011 Steven Gerrard
    2012 Luis Suarez
    2013 Luis Suarez
    2014 Luis Suarez
    2015 Philippe Coutinho
    2016 Lucas Leiva
    2017 Philippe Coutinho

    This season, the format will be as follows:
    Instead of voting for a single player as your Man of the match, you vote for your top 3. This enables a "steady Eddie" like Clyne or Hendo to get his mentions and gain some points. Points are the same as last year; the top player gets 5 points, the second player gets 3 and the third player gets a single point.

    This year though, with the help of Dan Smyth, we have got a survey site to keep the tally easier for me.

    I will award a bonus half point if our Goalkeeper keeps a clean sheet.

    All competitive games are counted, CC, FA, Europa/Champions League and, of course, Premier League matches.

    I shall post current league tables so that we can follow the players' performances throughout the season.

    If a moderator could ensure a "sticky" when I post a Man of the Match thread, I would be grateful; also it would be nice if I could have a sticky league table thread for the game throughout the season.

    Thanks for your support in this.

    Getting 6 or more different Liverpool sites to vote throughout a whole season gives a good indication of the fans' feelings on players.
    I look forward to collecting and calculating the results throughout the season.


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  2. Flipo

    Flipo Noob Member

    Aug 6, 2017
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    Obviously C.Ronaldo

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