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  1. gkmacca
    Created by gkmacca
    Nov 5, 2018
    From the presser today:

    Shaq was left out so there were no distractions. We only wanted a football story.

    He was asked if he'd spoken to Buvac about the game. He didn't seem pleased to be asked it, and gave a curt 'no'.

    Keita - he's back, looking good and a decision about him playing or not will be made tomorrow.

    That's pretty much it.

    vid starts at 3.24:

  2. Oncy
    Created by Oncy
    Nov 5, 2018
    Im feeling fucking Christmassy already.

    Happy as fuck to be fair.
    Whats the plans for everyone this year?

    What do you love about Christmas? Best Christmas present ever?

    Etc etc

  3. RedNinja
    Created by RedNinja
    Nov 5, 2018
    How on earth can this be considered a laughing matter ???

    Warning some people may find this distressing...

  4. Hansern
    Created by Hansern
    Nov 5, 2018
    Sooo, surprised to see that there hasnt been created a thread regarding this yet. But the documents that was publicized this weekend set Infantino, City and PSG in an even worse light than anyone thought possible. We all knew it was dodgy, but not that UEFA was directly involved with helping these two clubs escape punishment while they were investing fantazillions into their teams. Hopefully this will start something in getting rid of Infantino and punish City.  

    Der Speigel have recieved about 70 million documents, so loads more will be released soon I guess.

    Just some of the stuff...
  5. keniget
    Created by keniget
    Nov 5, 2018
    Controversial, perhaps.

  6. RedNinja
    Created by RedNinja
    Nov 5, 2018

    Bloody hell.. what is it with footballer statues...

    I'm sure they commission a bunch of undergraduates to design and implement them...