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  1. Aidan O' Neill
    Created by Aidan O' Neill
    Aug 21, 2017 at 13:32
    Anyone been? Going for a few days in October (probably drive to Valencia for a couple of days too), but didn't realise it was a big region with lots of different towns. Flying into San Javier airport. Any recommendations on a good area to stay, transport (seems it's a small airport without many transport links) and things to do/see in the region?

  2. Ijg
    Created by Ijg
    Aug 21, 2017 at 09:13
    Anyone catch this over the weekend?


    For anyone that can't be arsed opening the link, reading it and watching the video, Chalobah is in a position to score in the Bournemouth box, shapes to shoot, hears a shout behind him to leave it, so leaves it, only to realise it was Harry Arter's shout.

    Thoughts on this? Unsportsmanlike or if a Liverpool player had done this would it be clever?
  3. Gary25
    Created by Gary25
    Aug 21, 2017 at 00:25
    What a fucking player. Has he surprised you all how good he's actually been? Always impressed me every time i watched him at Southampton and I was genuinely excited by him signing,  but fuck me I didn't think he'd be such a hit. Can go quiet in games sometimes but he just comes alive out of nowhere with his pace and directness. He's really composed in front of goal as well.
    Thrilling footballer.
  4. Woland
    Created by Woland
    Aug 20, 2017 at 23:36
    I saw some stat on here the other day where he'd had less touches than Ming on Tuesday. When Solanke was warming up yesterday the dude to my right said he must be coming on for Frim, and I said nah it'll be Wijnlandum, and he was like, it can't be because he isn't playing, and I was like, he is and that's why he needs to leave. Two minutes later we scored.

  5. LeTallecWiz
    Created by LeTallecWiz
    Aug 20, 2017 at 07:35
    So I know he was mentioned in another thread but let's start a new one anyways.

    He's a talented 23 year old kid who's only being pushed out because Neymar.

    Supposedly available for ~30 million.

    Clubs rumored to go after him:  us, Arsenal & Manure.

    I don't think Manure will go after him - especially with how well Martial has started the season.

    Arsenal need him if they sell Alexis, who's being heavily linked to City again (~70 mill bid incoming).

    For 30 million, I think we're stupid not to sign him ... We have a long season ahead of us, he's talented, scores goals, and a far...
  6. Insignificance
    Created by Insignificance
    Aug 19, 2017 at 16:59
    Nice win. Should have burried a few more but I'll take the points today.

    Defence was solid. Not worried at all actually aside the Benteke sitter. Klavan solid. Matip as well. Promising from Robertson.

    Midfield worked hard and Milner gave og dynamism. Controlled the game well. Front three struggled for rythm first half. Better after the break and interchanged well. Promising from Solanke.