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  1. Dreambeliever
    Created by Dreambeliever
    Sep 29, 2019
    Eight 1-0’s is better than one 8-0


    Must piss Pep and City fans off no end.

    Pep meanwhile has reaffirmed Liverpool as his toughest ever opponent.

    Madness that he’d openly admit this even if he thought it was true.
  2. Dreambeliever
    Created by Dreambeliever
    Sep 29, 2019
    Rumour mill says he wants to come back.

    Would you take him at 32?

    I think he’d fit into our style perfectly anywhere across the front 3 but most definitely as a rotation with Firmino.
  3. Stevesquash
    Created by Stevesquash
    Sep 29, 2019
    One positive aside from the 3 points, was the impact Div made from the bench. He helped make the goal by winning an aerial challenge, but then seemed more assured with ball at his feet in general.

    He carved out a decent chance with good footwork switching to his right and finding some space in the box. Unfortunately the finish didn't match what went before.

    Anyway point being he's kicked on from last year and maintained really good form. He looks a threat from the bench and causes different problems to the other front 3. I was worried the back end of last year would be a flash in the...
  4. dantes
    Created by dantes
    Sep 29, 2019

    Kick it out and the FA of course flipped out. The guy who said articles about buying houses with no mention of race were totally racist, is now saying this....

    "I don't feel there's any racism in it," said Sterling.

    "It's a situation between two friends, Bernardo and Mendy, as everyone knows. I can see exactly the point where some people can get touchy-feely on it but I feel in that situation Bernardo made a joke to his friend.

    "He's not referred to his skin colour, he's not...