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  1. Frogfish
    Created by Frogfish
    Jul 28, 2016
    Pearce : Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool
    Playing on the left-hand side – and allowing Lovren, captain for the evening, to shift on to the right – the 30-year-old gave the sort of balance Sakho usually does. As a left-footer, he looked comfortable moving out of defence, offering passes to the midfielders ahead. On the back foot, he was reliable; his positioning was smart and he appears to read the game well, as evidenced by a superb interception from Willian's ball in the first half.
    A certain goal was saved, and an impression certainly made.
  2. Frogfish
    Created by Frogfish
    Jul 28, 2016
    Marko Grujic has gone to hospital for a scan after suffering suspected concussion v Chelsea in a clash of heads with Traore.

    Klopp: Grujic injury doesnt look good. He cant remember anything.

    P.S. Add the missing S please Mods.
  3. peekay
    Created by peekay
    Jul 28, 2016
    Jurgen Klopp has insisted Liverpool will make their mark on the training pitch, not in the transfer market - an ideal his staff and players have fully committed to

    Adam Lallana receives the ball from Ragnar Klavan, Jordan Henderson instructs him to turn and play it to Daniel Sturridge, who then feeds the feet of Nathaniel Clyne. James Milner anticipates a pass from the right-back, and arrives at the perfect time to meet it with Pepijn Lijnders shouting ‘yes, that’s it, that’s what we want.’ And so it continues.

    On the other half of the Maloney Field at Stanford University, the players...
  4. Barba Roja
    Created by Barba Roja
    Jul 27, 2016
    It's on early in the UK. 4.35am. I found this if anyone fancies watching it + The rest of the pre season TV stuff.

    Liverpool v Chelsea
    (Thu 28th 4:35)
    LFC TV | TSN4 | TSN5 || beIN Sports 2 FR

    Liverpool v AC Milan
    (Sun 31st 3:05)
    LFC TV | Sky Sports 1 || beIN Sports 2 FR

    Liverpool v Roma
    (Tue 2nd 1:35)
    LFC TV | Sky Sports 1 || beIN Sports 2 FR

    Liverpool v Barcelona
    (Sat 6th 17:15)
    LFC TV | Sky Sports 1 || beIN Sports 2 FR

    Mainz 05 v Liverpool
    (Sun 7th 14:45)
    LFC TV || SAT1 DE
  5. Mystic
    Created by Mystic
    Jul 27, 2016
    is Stones worth £50million? He's fucking garbage.

    Okay, garbage is harsh, but he's horrendously overrated, just because he can pass the ball a little and has a bit of swagger, apparently he can be excused from awful decision making, poor concentration and positioning, and in general just being a bit of an average defender. Heh, I suppose that makes him perfect for a Guardiola team.

    The market has gone absolutely mad, £50million for Stones almost makes Sterling look like a good deal.

  6. Arn
    Created by Arn
    Jul 27, 2016
    Use Google.

    search, An Epic swindle download. You will find it there for free. You know, the book exist. It is a part of our history.

    Lazy idiots.