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  1. Dreambeliever
    Created by Dreambeliever
    Nov 8, 2019
    After Australia’s historic deal where the women spilt all money with the men’s team England’s women’s team want the same.

    Fair or bonkers?

    Personally I think it should be based off supply and demand so equal pay as things stand is crazy.
  2. mwake
    Created by mwake
    Nov 6, 2019

    Just read Aston Villas Trezeuet saying that he was totally unmarked, then I watch Genk get a goal yesterday and same issue of being unmarked from a cross.  Which reminded of the first game against Norwich early in the season where I remember VVD arguing with fellow defenders, i might be wrong but I got the feeling he was gesturing that they needed to be more aware and communicate more with each other.

    Dont get me wrong we...
  3. Dreambeliever
    Created by Dreambeliever
    Nov 6, 2019
    So arguably the biggest game of the season.

    A few possibilities with Ox in a rich vein of form and having history against City.

    Still I think Klopp will go with tried and tested.

  4. rurikbird
    Created by rurikbird
    Nov 5, 2019
  5. King Binny
    Created by King Binny
    Nov 5, 2019