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  1. Dreambeliever
    Created by Dreambeliever
    Oct 16, 2021
    Hopefully in time he’ll have 100 league goals for us but what an achievement for Sadio.

    I doubt many thought he would get to this tally when we signed him.

    What a player he has been.
  2. 6TimesaRed
    Created by 6TimesaRed
    Oct 16, 2021
    Or is it ?

    *You might get the match thread in*
  3. Red rose
    Created by Red rose
    Oct 16, 2021
  4. Frogfish
    Created by Frogfish
    Oct 15, 2021
    And here we go again.


    Watford  12:30 Liverpool 0-2

    Aston Villa  15:00  Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-1

    Leicester City  15:00   Manchester United 2-1

    Manchester City  15:00  Burnley 4-0

    Norwich City  15:00  Brighton & Hove Albion 0-2

    Southampton  15:00  Leeds United 2-1

    Brentford  17:30  Chelsea 0-2


    Everton  14:00...
  5. Dreambeliever
    Created by Dreambeliever
    Oct 15, 2021
    Raheem is open to move but says he favours abroad on the continent.

    Would you take him back?