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  1. Ijg
    Created by Ijg
    Jan 12, 2020

    It’s going to happen.
  2. Dreambeliever
    Created by Dreambeliever
    Jan 12, 2020
    Well I certainly let myself go with a second baby towards to the end of last year, my mother over for Xmas and football season ending in September and not replaced with any sport.

    New year and it’s time to lose a decent amount of weight.

    18kg is the magic number but due to work and daddy commitments I have to do it at least for the first half of the year without the gym.

    Diet and diet alone.

    The good news for me is when I commit to healthy eating the weight falls off and I feel 1000% better.

    Day 1 starts in 2 hours!

    So who else is on a health kick for 2020?
  3. 6TimesaRed
    Created by 6TimesaRed
    Jan 12, 2020
    Makes everything look so easy.. he catches everything with ease, great with his feet..

    Look at his positioning when we are on the attack..  he doesn't just own the penalty box, he owns his own half..

    Incredible Goalkeeper.. calm and cool as you like

  4. Dreambeliever
    Created by Dreambeliever
    Jan 11, 2020
    Another big rest before a big game.

    I’d bring in Milner if fit otherwise the same 11.