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  1. Judge Jules
    Created by Judge Jules
    Mar 3, 2020
    Linky wouldn't work.  She's part of a project documenting Liverpool fans' experiences if anyone wants to Google it, and is trying to raise the cash via crowdfunding.
  2. Mors
    Created by Mors
    Mar 3, 2020
    I'm on about full electric, not hybrid.
    I'm looking at getting out of my current car deal with Audi at the end of the year due to them being unscrupulous fuckers, and would like to think I'd get a full electric.
    Has anyone got one and think they're great? Downsides? Would try and avoid supercharging if I could and charge at home mainly, I do about 15k a year.
  3. 6TimesaRed
    Created by 6TimesaRed
    Mar 2, 2020
    So the FA thought so..

    Cue hysteria over at Bluemoon and how they link these Betting activities with the 'Corruption' previously going on at Liverpool regarding 'hacking' their computers
  4. Modo
    Created by Modo
    Mar 2, 2020
    So yeah there's a game tomorrow.
    Judging by the mood here most of you don't even seem bothered. Did the loss really sting that much?
    We're gonna win the league FFS and this is another potential trophy to add to the stack.

    Let's crush these plastic cunts.
  5. SummerOnions
    Created by SummerOnions
    Mar 2, 2020

    Who will take our League Cup matches now??

    Good luck to him though - wonder how long he will last at a mad club like Blackpool