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  1. Rosco
    Created by Rosco
    Mar 18, 2020

    Xabi with a no look, left footed, 50 yard defence splitting pass.
  2. 6TimesaRed
    Created by 6TimesaRed
    Mar 17, 2020

    With giant palm trees stooping towards turquoise water, high-rise hotels glimmering in the sun, and opulent beachside restaurants selling lobster and expensive liqueurs, it's easy to see why Maceio, the capital of Alagoas state, is known as Brazil's Caribbean

    Yet like most cities in the country's underdeveloped north east, this picture postcard scene tells only part of the story, the superficial face of a metropolis reliant on tourism. Venture a few blocks inland and a different Maceio gradually comes into view; the place...
  3. Donavan Ried
    Created by Donavan Ried
    Mar 17, 2020
    Everywhere you turn people are talking about Covid 19 and to be honest; I feel that we can all do with a break... So your starting 11 and 7 Subs

    Although the players have to be from 2000 - 2020 the choice of players are when they were at their prime
  4. darkstarexodus
    Created by darkstarexodus
    Mar 15, 2020
    So, I'm not a particularly superstitious person, negative jinx stuff notwithstanding, but this was a doozy of a Friday March 13.

    Started with the news the League season was suspended and God knows what will happen to winning the title.

    About an hour later I got completely sideswiped with being made redundant at my comfortable, rewarding, and remunerative job. Didn't see it coming in the slightest.

    And then later in the day travel advisories have basically meant our Mexico vacation two weeks from now is off and we will get some - but not all - the money back.

    Anyone else have some great...
  5. jan
    Created by jan
    Mar 15, 2020
    just came across these on twitter


  6. rurikbird
    Created by rurikbird
    Mar 14, 2020
    Anyone on board with this? Seems incredibly risky to me...

    [Explanation posted on Twitter by professor Ian Donald, psychologist specializing in social, environmental, and architectural psychology & behavioral factors in anti-microbial resistance at University of Liverpool.]

    1. The govt strategy on Coronavirus is more refined than those used in other countries and potentially very effective. But it is also riskier and based on a number of assumptions. They need to be correct, and the measures they introduce need to work when they are supposed to.
    2. This all...